Mash the tuna with a fork, then mix it with yoghurt, pepper and salt.

Cut the cucumbers finely and put them in, mix everything afterwards.

Serve with Bon Chance bread crisps.


Peel the onions and the garlic, cut the onions into “feathers” (lengthwise, paper-thin half moons), and chop the garlic finely.

On a low heat, slowly fry the onions and garlic with olive oil in a pot, until they become soft but not burnt. Sprinkle the softened onions with sugar and fry them a little more. The entire frying of onions should take approximately 25 minutes. Add the flour onto the onions, stir and fry a bit, pour the beer in afterwards, let it evaporate a little bit and add the broth. Flavor the soup with salt, pepper, thymes and cook on a low heat approximately for 20 minutes, until the onions become almost transparent.

Pour the ready soup into bowls, sprinkle some grated cheese on and add bread crisps.

Bon appetite!

Fry the already cut chicken and onions in a soup pot with some oil, add water after some time, then put the cut carrots and celeriac in together with seasonings and cook at a low heat for approximately 1.5 h.

After that take the cooked broth, strain it through a mesh strainer, leave it until it cools off and put it in a refrigerator. After a couple of hours, skim the layer of fat, which is formed in the refrigerator, off and heat the broth. Serve it in a cup with fresh dill, parsley or garlic and Bon Chance bread crisps sprinkled on top.

Put the dried haricot beans into water and leave them to soak overnight. Before cooking, wash them in cold running water and then cook them until the beans become soft. At the very end of cooking, add salt.

Grate the cheese through a large-hole grater. Cool the beans and then mix them with the grated cheese.

Mash the garlic in a mortar together with salt and parsley until it becomes puree-like (just like while making the pesto sauce, it can be done with an electronic blender). Pour the rape oil slowly in while mashing and stir, until the sauce become homogeneous. Liquidize the dressing by mixing some apple juice in and season it with ground pepper.

Then pour the ready dressing on the haricot beans with cheese and mix it well. After putting the salad on the plates, strew on some Bon Chance bread crisps, crushed into large pieces with your hands, and the leftover parsley.

Bon appetite!

Peel the fresh carrots and cut them into fine straws or grate them through a large-hole grater. Chop the garlic and coriander leaves finely and sprinkle them onto the ready carrots.

Make the salad dressing from the thick yoghurt, olive oil and lemon juice, then add some salt, pepper and cumin. Pour the dressing onto the carrots and mix everything evenly.

Put the carrot salad onto the plates, crush some bread crisps with your hands and sprinkle them over.

Bon appetite!

Wash the lettuce leaves, dry them and put them onto a plate uncut afterwards. Now put some bread crisps and finely cut slices of cheese into the “boats”, and then wrap a couple of anchovies on the top of each leave.

Now it’s time for the salad dressing. Boil the eggs for precisely one minute, then turn the heat off and chill the eggs in cold water. Separate the yolks from the whites after that. Then whisk the yolks, olive oil, lemon juice, Worcester sauce and seasonings thoroughly, until you reach the consistency of an emulsion.

Pour the ready dressing onto the lettuce leaves and sprinkle some freshly ground pepper on top.

Slice the unpeeled garlic heads horizontally in half, pour the olive oil on them and roast them in an oven for 20 min in 180 degrees until they become soft.

Then peel the roasted garlic and mash it up with a fork.

Mix the mashed garlic with yoghurt, remaining olive oil, and the horseradish. Put capers in and season it with salt and pepper.

Then pour some olive oil on, strew some capers and serve together with bread crisps.

Heat some oil in a pot on a medium heat stove and put the ginger and cayenne pepper powder in. After some time crush out a couple of garlic cloves into the pot using a garlic press.

Then put the chopped tinned tomatoes into the pot with the seasonings, stir and leave for a couple of minutes to cook, then pour the ready pumpkin pulp in and cook for a couple more minutes.

Pour the broth onto the stewed vegetables and let it cook for approximately 10 minutes. Add salt, sugar and pour the soup into plates. Sprinkle the soup with chopped celery leaves and bread crisps.

Bon appetite!